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Boliva, North Carolina
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Tan Ajahn likes to tell us that things will be done "step by step." In his case he knows this is true. His life thus far is marked with accomplishments, all of them having been achieved by his mindful and 'one step at a time' practice.

Ordaining as a Theravadan monk of the Dhammayut Order, in Bangkok, Thailand, 1968, Tan Ajahn began and continues to this day to be the student of H.H. Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the Supreme Patriarch of Buddhism in Thailand. Immediately after ordination, Tan Ajahn traveled to the Thai forest where he practiced under the tutelage of Ajahn Tate. From the Thai forest practice, Tan Ajahn was assigned to the Mission Group of Bhante Win, whose goal it was to re-establish Buddhism in Indonesia. Living in Jakarta and neighboring villages, Tan Ajahn's practice attracted followers. He successfully proposed and engineered the building of Vihara Jakarta Dhammacakka Jaya. When he left Indonesia, the Vihara was a vibrant center of Theravadan Buddhism. It continues as such today.

The ensuing Rainy Season was spent in Seattle, Washington, where Tan Ajahn heard the proposal for a Wat in Coastal North Carolina. He returned to meet with H.H. Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara and seek his advice on locating a Temple in North Carolina. Tan Ajahn had visited the proposed site of Wat Carolina, and he had been satisfied with the location. Even today, when asked by reporters and guests, why this piece of land was chosen, Tan Ajahn responds with: "It has good vibrations."

Tan Ajahn Phrakru is our Abbot and our Teacher. His continual presence enhances the good vibrations, and without speaking a single word, his ambiance fills hearts and minds with peace. We, at Wat Carolina, are fortunate.

This site is dedicated to Tan Ajahn Phrakru Buddhamonpricha's practice. It is dedicated with grateful heart and many, many thanks for taking the ‘steps’ to come here as our Abbot.

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